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Mahila Balaga

The formation of Padmashali Mahila Balaga, Mumbai affiliated to Padmashali Samaja Seva Sangha, Mumbai was formed on January 26, 1988. In the Annual General body meeting of Padmashali Samaja Seva Sangha held on that day, an eight members Committee consisting of Smt Sarojini H Shettigar, Smt Jayashree K Padmashali, Smt Uma G Shettigar, Smt Padmavathi C Shettigar, Smt Kusuma Y Padmashali, Smt Lalitha N Padmashali, Smt Chandirka B Shettigar and Smt Jenni A Shettigar was formed with the objective of igniting and shining of women power.

To achieve the objectives of Mahila Balaga, it started meeting at its Members residences at regular intervals to discuss the steps to be taken for well being of the community’s women members and their children. The activities like facilitating match making of bride and grooms, visiting the bereaved family member houses, attending and helping in marriage functions are carried out on regular basis. The Balaga Members are putting special efforts to bring members children to participate in various activities of the Sangha.

The first ‘Haladi Kunkuma’ program with distribution of sweets was started in the Annual General Body meeting held during 1990. Few days before conducting of Annual General Body meeting, the various activities like sports, drawing and singing competitions for primary school children are conducted. Quiz competition, various sports items, Essay competition are also conducted for secondary and College students during this period.

The Mahila Balaga also encourages Members’ children to participate in dance and other cultural activities during Annual General Body meeting of the Sangha. It helps them to showcase their talent in front of the audience. This generates self confidence within and helps them to be more understanding and courageous in their future life. The engagement of children in these programs also helps them to involve in community activities and make them to take leadership challenge for improving community’s well being.

The continuous effort of the Balaga has helped in increasing the number of participants in the Annual General Body meeting. The community members also started feeling the importance of attending various functions which helps them to interact with others.

The Balaga is helping the Sangha in enrolling new members which helps in increasing the Trust Fund of the Sangha. Smt Uma G Shettigar has created history by bagging the prize for enrolling highest number of members every year, amongst women, continuously for ten years.

The Mahila Balaga involves itself in Sangha activities alongwith its Committee members. The Sangha has provided equal importance to women members. The co-operation and co-ordination between Sangha and Balaga enabled the Balaga to celebrate its Silver Jubilee celebration during 2013.

The Mahila Balaga remembers the contributions made by late Smt Jenni A Shettigar, late Smt Kusuma Y Padmashali and late Smt Hemalatha S Shettigar. The initial efforts and selfless services rendered by these members helped the Balaga on long term basis.

The Mahila Balaga continues to carry out its objectives with full support of its community members. The Haladi Kunkuma, Bhajana program and cultural activities are the hallmarks of the Mahila Balaga which is appreciated by one and all.

'Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu'

Current Managing Committee

Padmashali Samaja Seva Sangha (R)