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Padmashali Education Society

In order to support the community in the field of education, a separate educational institution called "The Padmashali Education Society" was established in the year 1975 and registered under The Mumbai Public Trusts Act 1950 and also registered under the Societies Act. We are slowly progressing in this field. And celebrated our Silver Jubilee on 30th December 2001.

At present we are only able to support the student community by awarding scholarships, due to the paucity of funds. We are looking forward to the day when we can SPONSOR every child who needs education or wants to go to school.

Because our motto is 'A LITERATE INDIA IS A STRONG INDIA'.


Primary School: We plan to set-up a Primary section English Medium School in the northern suburbs of Mumbai in the near future. The main objective will be to give an opportunity to the children of the financially weaker section to get basic education. Click here to see the Statistics of Education in India.

The Padmashali Education Society is looking for a School reserved plot in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. We appeal to trusts, plot owners to come forward and help us to fulfill our as well as our country's objective of giving good and affordable education to the financially weaker section of the society. We appeal to individual, high net worth individuals, institutions and Corporates (under the Corporate Social Responsibility program) to come forward and donate generously for this noble cause. All donations are exempted from Income Tax under 80G from the Commissioner of the Income Tax.

Community Hall for Cultural Activities: We plan to build / procure our own spacious sabhagriha / Community Welfare Centre in Mumbai or its suburbs. This sabhagriha will also be utilized for marriage/wedding, naming ceremony, engagements and other social functions. A separate place for worshipping our Kuladevatha Shri Veerabhadra Durgaparameshwari and Mahaganapathi is also planned adjacent to this sabhagriha.

In addition to this sabhagriha, a spacious meeting room to conduct the monthly meeting, Guest-house to cater to the visitors and guests coming to Mumbai, Conference Room, Library and Reading Rooms for the benefit of students' community and a Computer Training Institute to provide job-oriented professional courses to the under-privilege students at a subsidized rate. All donations are exempted from Income Tax under 80G from the Commissioner of the Income Tax.

Computer Training Institute: Initially we plan to start an Institute with 10 Computers from our existing Registered Office located at Andheri East in Mumbai. The courses planned would be Computer Operations, Computer Programming, Computer Hardware, Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Photo Editing, CAD, Animation etc. All donations are exempted from Income Tax under 80G from the Commissioner of the Income Tax.

Statutory Compliance: The Padmashali Education Society has complied with the necessary statutory requirements like filing of change reports, filing accounts with charity commissioner, IT authorities etc.

An Appeal: Ours is one of the oldest Charitable / Social Institutions functioning in Mumbai. We have several noble objectives. To make the vision a reality, we need to raise sufficient funds from large hearted donors, philanthropists and such other organizations. Padmashali/Shettigar community is a small community. Donors are requested to donate generously for the above purposes.

Current Managing Committee

Padmashali Samaja Seva Sangha (R)